This is what I wanted to give you…

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This is what I wanted to give you…

1. Goldfish – 2:48
2. This is what I wanted to give you… – 5:31
3. Bucket – 3:36
4. And so he… – 4:31
5. In Salerno – 4:02

All music published by Purple Patch Music Ltd
All music composed by Donna McKevitt
All lyrics by Jan Noble

Songs 1-3 & 5 performed by Donna McKevitt
And so he… sung by Charlie Finke
In Salerno recorded by Giovanni Sipiano live in The Dutch Church, London, featuring Frank Moon on oud

Produced by Donna McKevitt
Mixed by Gil Cang
Additional engineering by Grant Gordon
Mastered by Michael Scherchen at The Mix Factory

Cover photography by Chris Briggs
Layout by Manuela Misani
With special thanks to Don Mousseau

Distributed by Genepool/Universal


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“You will never know the secrets of Swan”

Find Swan

The White Swan, Fetter Lane, 4th Oct
The White Swan, Twickenham, 5th Oct
The Swan Hotel, Staines, 6th Oct
The Swan Inn, Isleworth, 8th Oct
The Swan, Wimbledon, 10th Oct
The White Swan, Victoria, 11th Oct
The White Swan, Covent Garden, 12th Oct
The Mute Swan, Hampton Court, 13th Oct
The White Swan, Aldgate, 17th Oct
The Old Swan, Kensington, 18th Oct
The White Swan & Cuckoo, Wapping, 20th Oct
The White Swan, Islington, 27th Oct

Available on CD & DD from 6th October 2016

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Two for October


Jan Noble – Swan
Released: 6 October 2016
Format: CD Album/DD
CD Cat. No: NYAT CD 006
Barcode: 5060438480725
Label: NYAT/Genepool/Universal
Pre-order: AMAZON
“Intense and chilling”
McKevitt & Noble – This is what I wanted to give you… 
Released: 28 October 2016
Format: CD EP/Vinyl 10” EP/DD
CD Cat. No: NYAT CD 005
EP Cat. No: NYAT EP 001
Label: NYAT/Genepool/Universal
Pre-order: AMAZON
The Evening Standard
McKevitt makes beauty out of grief

Send no more poems…

IMG_0456 (1)

John sends me poems. He keeps sending me poems. He wrote the other day to ask if he should stop sending them, possibly because I had fallen out of the habit of replying to each one. In my experience you can wait around three to four months to get a reply when submitting poetry to editors. Sometimes you’ll never hear back. Once, after a period of persistent submissions, I was told to ‘Send no more poems’. But John isn’t submitting poems, he’s just sending them, sending them as naturally as they come to him. John once said his poems don’t come from him, they pass through him. It seems a pity that they just end up in my inbox so I’m going to pass them on. Perhaps you can too.

Pure White Speed – the new album from the Cesarians

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Imagine Arab Strap jamming with the Bad Seeds after a wild night in some dive bar they’ll never find again. Think of a tighter Birthday Party reeling elegantly from chorus to verse yet smashing the furniture up in the process. Iggy struts and Jacques Brel drains the optics. Pure White Speed will keep you awake. And knock you out.

There are two sides to every story and the Cesarian’s offer both on two discs (artwork by Saatchi art-star Jonny Green). Ray Staff (David Bowie, Led Zeppelin) masters and Teo Miller (Blur, Placebo, Penthouse) mixes prowling piano and intricate strings, honking stabs of brass and pile thundering drums. Gentle melodies settle, dragster-noise bass snorts and cutting his way through the rising smoke, Charlie Finke dispenses lyrical exhilaration, paranoia and bliss, restlessness and rapture.

Pure White Speed opens all the wounds that the Cesarian’s eponymous predecessor (recorded by Craig Leon in Abbey Road) could only briefly show you. It goes deeper. It cuts, it bleeds, it hurts, it soothes. It gives a sudden rush then introspection follows, it tells you to fuck off then wants you in its arms. It has poison on its lips but it makes the pain go away. Try it once. Then take it again.

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