Send no more poems…

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John sends me poems. He keeps sending me poems. He wrote the other day to ask if he should stop sending them, possibly because I had fallen out of the habit of replying to each one. In my experience you can wait around three to four months to get a reply when submitting poetry to editors. Sometimes you’ll never hear back. Once, after a period of persistent submissions, I was told to ‘Send no more poems’. But John isn’t submitting poems, he’s just sending them, sending them as naturally as they come to him. John once said his poems don’t come from him, they pass through him. It seems a pity that they just end up in my inbox so I’m going to pass them on. Perhaps you can too.

20% off selected titles

Some of the books in our 7″ single range are now 20% off when you buy directly from our printer Lulu. These include titles released earlier in the year but it is well worth checking out special offers that will be cropping up on this website from time to time as well as new releases all the way up to Christmas. Also a reminder that This is a Bucket, The second single from McKevitt & Noble, is available as a free download for a limited period from

Titles now at 20% off RRP include: This is Her, In Truth You’re Still in Love (with Addie Smith) and Toward Posterity

Book Previews

You can now preview (most of) our books before buying by clicking the ‘preview here . . .’ link on the book’s page. You’ll find it below the title and above the book’s cover image. The cover image is itself a link to the preview (powered by The link will open up in the same window. To return to the book to buy it or find out more information simply use your browser to go back a page. That is all.

The Occasional Diary Entry of an Opportunist Football Fan – Book Launch

Do I have to say anything more than free beer?

Thursday 30th September
6:30 – 7:30
The Stoke Newington Bookshop
159 Stoke Newington High Street

copies of other Not Your Average Type Books will be available on the night

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside . . . in September

With 10 minutes to go before kick-off fashionable West London is already applauding the chorus of 3 thousand tangerine clad Blackpool fans. Somewhere on the M6 a lad from the town they have come down to the capital to represent is making his way home North to visit his mother. On him a copy of The Occasional Diary Entry of an Opportunist Football Fan. This after all is a story that has much to do with family as it has to do with the fixture he is missing. Politics and punk, promenades and promotion break across the pages of this salty little 7″ single. Oranges at half time? No mate . . . tangerines.

Book Availability

“I’ve tried to buy your books on Amazon but most of them appear to be out of stock” Yer, we know. But this doesn’t mean they are not available. All of the titles that appear on this website can be bought directly from the printers (see Shop) or ordered from us. Amazon are currently taking stock of our books but in the mean time you can still order titles from them where you see the ‘Temporarily out of stock’ message. We like to think we create real books and Amazon isn’t a real bookshop. Real bookshops (like real pubs) are hard to find but when you do stumble upon one, pop in and ask the real person behind the counter if they have any of our books. If they say no, then ask them to order one for you. And tell them we sent you.