white works

a book by alex ingram

“my presence – and moments of presence – relate to the work as moments of connection and dis-connection. a conversation I have with myself and an invitation to others. meaning is realised after the work has had time to breathe. a space where objects and subjects with and without context exist. a volume where white works”.

paperback: 58 pages
author: alex ingram
isbn: 978-1-907513-10-7

“a blank page… a blank wall… before the first action or mark… an illusion of nothingness to be filled… white is the premise for making… white prompts…”

“in the presence of white… the decision not to act seems impossible. the essence of white… starting from scratch. white,  full in our faces,  flat to the eyes… the space we interact with. the smallest of activities are visible… the tiny traces of our everyday lives.”

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