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Not your average type final part a

“here’s a snazzy 70-page book containing poetry, artwork and photography from several different people, none of whom are “famous”, but i can’t be the only one who’s totally sick of “famous” c*nts, can i?”


“the most interesting element of this is the accompanying cd which contains stuff both brilliant and bizarre: frank bangay’s harold steptoe-esque readings over background blues, smiley’s tripping-over-itself poetry and hilarious songs about “eastenders” and drugs being crap (“they make you fat”) by carl mathews and elaine shapiro (i think. there’s no tracklisting as such), to name but a few. the whole thing reminds me somewhat of the documentary that channel four did a few years back about “outsider music”  – people like bingo gazingo and bj snowden, who do their music/art because they NEED to, NOT because it’s going to make them FAMOUS.”

hiroshima yeah

psychatrist cropped

contributions from jim mcdougal, frank bangay, stephen jackson, gary molloy, rudolph lindo, gordon dawson, laura allan, alison west, alex ingram…

editor: jan noble
paperback: 72 pages
isbn-13: 978-0955793400
rrp: £15

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