This is a Bucket . . .

Look out for a book, a song and a film about a bucket.

The 2nd release from McKevitt & Noble goes live on October 14th.

“Much like wheel barrows and sheds for that matter, buckets are sadly overlooked by most composers and poets. This gem by McKevitt & Noble elevates the status of the humble bucket and fills the innocent pail with a resonating sadness.”

“It brims with wit and spills its sorrow”

“A clunky little number”

Book Availability

“I’ve tried to buy your books on Amazon but most of them appear to be out of stock” Yer, we know. But this doesn’t mean they are not available. All of the titles that appear on this website can be bought directly from the printers (see Shop) or ordered from us. Amazon are currently taking stock of our books but in the mean time you can still order titles from them where you see the ‘Temporarily out of stock’ message. We like to think we create real books and Amazon isn’t a real bookshop. Real bookshops (like real pubs) are hard to find but when you do stumble upon one, pop in and ask the real person behind the counter if they have any of our books. If they say no, then ask them to order one for you. And tell them we sent you.